Why do I need to register in order to receive emails from you?
To subscribe to receive emails from us, you need to register with us and provide an email address and a password for your account. Once you have registered and verified your email address, you can login to create subscriptions.
I haven’t received the verification emails to validate my account. What do I need to do?
Depending on your email client and any supporting security software you may have, emails from unknown recipients may be blocked or classified as SPAM until you specify otherwise. Add our sending address ( to your safe list. The process for doing this varies, so you may want to check with your email provider or security software maker.. Also, check your bulk/junk mail folders for the verification email. If you locate it, mark it as “Safe”.
How do I register for an account?
Click “Register” on the main page, and then provide a username, first and last name, password, password confirmation, and email address. An email will be sent to you with a validation link. Once you click the validation link, your account will be enabled and you can add subscriptions.
Links and images are not showing in my email. How do I see the links and images?
We send our emails in HTML format to allow you to see a pictures as well as links to more information. The process to enable HTML messages varies by email client, so you may want to check with your email provider.
Most current email readers block HTML images. To unblock these images, reconfigure your email reader settings to allow HTML images from our address:
What does “Non-Public Offender” mean in my subscriptions?
The laws governing NC Sex Offenders specify certain conditions under which sex offender information becomes non-public. The most common examples are if an offender has finished their 10 year registration and the registration expires, or if an offender is deceased. See our registry information site for more information on the laws of the sex offender registration.
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